Should We Limit Our Kids’ Phone Time?

Electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablet devices, play stations, and video games are increasing over the recent years due to technology advancements. As a result, many people especially children and teens spend more time on them affecting their studies significantly. It is necessary to limit your child’s usage for enhancing their skills in life.

Another thing is your child can focus on his or her goals by limiting the time. Even though cell phones have a lot of advantages, using them for a prolonged time will influence health issues and you should monitor your child regularly. In fact, you should know the types of videos and content while your child is utilizing a mobile phone.

Reasons for limiting your child’s phone time

A majority of children these days get attracted to mobile phone devices because they come with most-advanced technologies allowing them to play games, hear music, watch video, and store important files. However, you control their phone activities efficiently for improving their abilities to a large extent. There are several reasons to limit your child’s phone screen time for making him or her more productive. Some of them include:

  • Interfere with your child’s sleeping time which leads to emotional, psychological, and physical problems
  • Spending more time with mobile phones will cause distraction that can lower the intelligence levels of your child
  • Watching inappropriate content and videos can make your child to view them again and again
  • Using cell phones continuously will result in addiction problems thereby resulting in poor concentration memory power
  • The cell phones will reduce your child’s interaction with other family members when used for a long time.

What are the ways to limit your child’s phone time?

It is necessary to know more about the ways for limiting your child’s phone time. This allows your child to perform useful activities for mastering their abilities effectively. You can restrict the usage of mobile phones by following these steps.

  • Allow your child to engage with other things such as board games, reading books, and puzzle solving
  • Hang out with your child in outdoor places
  • Let your child draw something
  • Evaluate your child’s interests other than mobile phones
  • Make your child to play musical instruments that can lower the boredom
  • If your child is good at athletic activities or music then, send him or her to a class for upgrading the abilities.

Technical solutions

Your child may know how to operate the latest mobile phones and you should limit the time technically. Some of them include:

  • It is a wise one for you to know particular classes of apps and set a period of time for shutting them immediately
  • Use restricted YouTube options that can automatically turned on and turned off
  • Apple mobile phones come with promising downtime features enabling you to block your child’s usage time every day. Moreover, you can even set a separate downtime for school hours to block late night hours.
  • You can create time limits for entertainment and games categories that can lower the usage limit.
  • Does your child own an iPhone and iPad device? Them you can track the screen time spent by him or her.
  • You can set up limits directly on your child’s device with remote monitoring family sharing feature.
  • Install software applications for blocking the apps and other unwanted things.
  • Educate your children about screen time by having a discussion with them.
  • Opt for alternatives that can lower the usage of your child’s screen time.

Become a role model for your child

A child will learn many things from parents and you should become a role model for him or her while carrying out important activities. You should teach the demerits of using a mobile phone for long hours. Spend more time with your child by telling stories and writing. Furthermore, you must educate your child about the value of time on life so that he or she will set the objectives accordingly.

You can work with your kids to do some simple mathematical calculations that can ultimately help for augmenting abilities effectively.

Install useful apps for your child

Nowadays, a lot of apps are available for your child allowing him or her to spend time usefully. It is advisable for you to pick them wisely before the installation process. The education and creative game apps are an ideal one for your child to improve their skills. In addition, you can bring out the hiding potentials with special attention after setting up the apps, It is necessary to read the reviews of apps in Google play store and Apple store that can help to get more ideas in detail. Apart from that, you can make sure that your child stays safe while using the apps. Certain apps such as free fuckbook and some of the dating apps discussed in this post are meant for adults only. It is important for privacy sake to monitor the use of these adult only apps. It is your responsibility to take care of your child while using mobile phones which paves ways for limiting screen time . … Read More

Why Do People Prefer Texting Vs. A Phone Call?

Not so long ago, a cell phone was the most innovative technology in the world. The ability to open a mobile phone and make a call anytime anywhere was surprising. Lately, we’ve gone through a regression point. People avoid making calls. Why is that, and what does it replace?

People want to send text messages

Although voice calls are unlikely to become extinct soon, people, which make up an overwhelming share of the mobile market, prefer not to speak on the phone. More specifically, they prefer the text message.

According to a recent OpenMarket survey, when given the option between making a call and sending text messages from their mobile phone, 75% of People decided to send text messages instead of talking.

People prefer corporate SMS messages rather than phone calls that they find intrusive. According to Nielsen data from a few years ago, the monthly average of the minutes used by People dropped from around 1,200 per month in 2008 to 900 minutes per month in 2010. Over the same period, SMS messages from adolescents aged 18 to 24 more than doubled, from just 600 a month to about 1,400 messages a month.

For more than eight years, People have been increasingly turning their backs on calls and preferred to send text messages. If you have a business that can be primarily dominated by the idea of ​​Baby Boomer, the affinity to text messaging may seem bizarre. After all, phone calls are quick and easy.

However, you must move away from your prejudices and think about them from the perspective of your customers. People are unique and know precisely what they want, and what they like is to send text messages. For moving forward, it is advisable to move in that direction.

Four reasons why People love SMS

Before delving into how you can tailor your marketing strategies to address the popularity of text messaging, take a look at why people have fallen in love with text messaging. You need to understand the logic behind this preference so that you can target the right people with the most effective marketing strategies.

Comfort and ease of use

People are about simplicity and usability. This generation has grown with more technology than any previous one. They are keen to think about which technology offers maximum comfort, and the simple answer is SMS.

It is not so much that the millennia feel a strong dislike when talking on the phone. They still talk to each other, but they would instead do it with their parents and close friends. It is not a way of communicating positively with the interaction with the brand. Instead, they feel that unwanted profession calls are nothing more than a nuisance to sellers on the phone.

Easy to notice

Phone calls can be hard to remember for people. “When did you say we should meet?” “Was it 113 or 131?” “What is the cost of the ticket?” Hours after a phone call, such details disappear. With text messages, however, everyone has a transcription of the conversation that can be easily retrieved. One person can come back and see that the schedule of a meeting is at 5:30, the address of the person is 113, or the tickets are for $25. The recipient has less to remember everything.

Less exhausting

Text messages are less tiring than phone calls. It is possible that the latter may require the person to present the answers at this point or to recall the specific questions they would like to ask. On the contrary, a text message gives the recipient time to think and respond in their own time. It is an organized experience that requires less general pressure.

Companies answering machine

Because People prefer not to answer calls from numbers they do not know, most company calls have no answer. Therefore, companies sometimes leave a voice message. And the People hate the answering machine.

Voice messages take too long to recover and to understand each other. They are impersonal, intrusive and sometimes confused. Worse, if the recipient on the answering machine has needed information, such as an address, a callback number, etc., the person must write the information on a piece of paper. With an SMS, essential data has already been in black and white so that the recipient can see and use it. That’s why SMS surpasses voicemails for the majority of people.

How can companies react?

Does this raise the question as a company of how to respond appropriately to people and their preference for texting? The only sensible answer is to fulfill their desire through marketing strategies that highlight the text of the conversation.

According to our research, 75% of people find it useful to receive text messages as reminders of appointments, payments, deliveries, promotions, and surveys. Almost two customers in three millennia would like to receive product offers and coupons. More than half think it’s wise to receive texts related to account activity, order notes, and other general reminders.

You may not be familiar with text messaging, but it’s not something you can ignore if you hope to win millennia by the way you like it best. SMS is a powerful marketing channel and businesses need to respond by adopting strategies that benefit from text messaging and the many benefits of using this technology.… Read More