How To Get Your Kid To Put Down Their Phone?

Mobile technology has revolutionized not just communication but has placed infinite possibilities of other means of life right into the hands of a person. This means that a person can solve, inform, converse, send messages, make payments, do business, get to watch live media and any other activities within that small handheld device. And all these within the confines of his room or home. Technology has undoubtedly brought forth a lot of ease of doing things, yet it has also spewed forth a lot of trouble for the newer generation and this means our kids too.

As you may be quite aware, kids these days are literally hooked to their mobile phones day and night. This is where the problem crops up in the form of physical, mental and foremost of them the psychological issues such that your kid becomes basically a slave to the electronic device.

Still, there is hope to make amends and do the right things so that your kids are not always texting with phones.

How to Keep Kids Away from Phones?

Initially, it may be a little difficult to keep them away from using your phones. However, if you plan your steps properly then it will be quite an easy thing to do. The very idea of disrupting your kid’s usage of your phone or theirs is not the right thing. This is because they might get upset and have psychological problems as they have been using the device for quite some time.

The best way forward is to make sure that your kids use their phones for a limited time only. For this, you need to provide an ecosystem within your home environment. If your kids are not quite ready for the change in the home environment then don’t get upset about it. They will surely get accustomed to it and follow your well laid out rules and regulations.

As a start, you and your spouse must be the first persons to take the initial steps. This would mean that you also limit your viewing time on your mobile. This gives enough space to mold your home ecosystem in a different way that was hitherto not seen or experienced by your kids. Remember, kids, do not like being threatened or frightened. They would sooner or later try other means to cheat on you.

Take your Kids into Confidence

You must take your kids into confidence without their knowing that you are doing so. No kids, in their right senses would like interference of any sort especially if they are fond of playing on their mobile screens their favorite sport or simply texting to their friends. You must set an example. Not just you only, but also your spouse. See to it that you both use phones less in front of your children. You express through your own actions and communications that your kids are more important to you and not the mobile phones.

This will change the home environment for the better. This is again, only the beginning. You must then start off some positive communication with your kids so that they find in you a friend than a foe. In most homes there is a wide gap between the parents and their kids and one can hardly find any communication. This increased gap sends the kids almost automatically to shelters like the mobile device where they can virtually get engaged.

Other Important Steps

You need to be a smart dad or mom and definitely not in the virtual sense. Your kid will surely follow you when you approach them so that they converse with you freely and you too had taken your time off for their petty or seemingly silly events in schools or outside. Your suggestions, comments and small jokes would make them warm up with you. This way they would loosen their fingers on the phones too.

If your kids are a little too arrogant then you may take careful steps to make the phone available to them for a certain period only. If it is for half an hour you just cut off the WiFi connection or you take help of apps that limit usage of devices after a period of time. Also, make sure that you charge your children’s phone in your own bedroom so that they avoid using them at night.

Start to encourage them with more outdoor activities and sport. If you spend some time with them at movies or go for a picnic every weekend they will get a changeover quite sooner than expected of them.

Yet another great thing to get them into your confidence is food. Try to make them their favorite food with some lavishness at least once a week or two weeks. This will make them embrace the new found joy and the new ecosystem that you and your spouse have carefully built into your home.

Avoid drastic measures unless the kids are too uncompromising like switching off mobile service or hiding the batteries. Similar to monitoring what is being viewed on the internet, the same goes for mobile device usage. There are lots of apps and content that are strictly for adults. Porn sites and local hookup apps are for adults only so access should be monitored. Other than that there are many other apps and sites that are really for adults eyes only. … Read More