Computer Gaming Makes Kids Smarter!

This is a fascinating TED Talk by Gabe Zichermann that argues that video games are improving kids problem-solving skills, strengthening the skill of multi-tasking, and increasing decision-making abilities.

The common narrative with video games, is that most parent’s feel their kids spend too much time on them and that they don’t offer anything but entertainment. As detailed in the above video, this might be the furthest thing from the truth. Similar to the use of other technology, when it comes to gaming there is a sweet spot.

It is important to remember to take in information from different sources and think critically about it. This is a great topic that hits home for a lot of different people. This is not to deny the validity of playing video games as a compulsion being detrimental. It is to assert that the issue is far more complex and nuanced. So it warrants careful consideration when deciding what, where, when, how, and why we integrate computer games into our lives. … Read More